Krista Cairn


My stories are exciting and romantic, but nothing reaches the bedroom, for every genre I write.


Raised in the wilds of central British Columbia by a mother who, when she was young, literally hunted for her family's supper, and a father who daily went into the bowels of the earth to maintain the machines that worked to reveal its inner treasures, an active imagination was not only healthy, it was essential.

Roaming daily amongst the feral books that lined the paths of an almost mobile library, this imagination was fanned into a frenzy at times, and lulled into a coma at others. It became her goal to write the books that wake people up, that ignite imagination.

Armed with what little she knew about the world, she joined the Canadian Armed Forces and went off to slay dragons. Four years later, the nature of the job brought her to choose between raising children and raising arms, and the children won. Thankfully.

As they gained independence, she was step-by-step lured more fully into the fictive dream, and compelled to give solid form to a variety of hopes, temptations, and nightmares.


Hope you like a quick pace and a bit of distraction. ;-)

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Uncertain Truths Krista Cairn

Note: This mystery is startlingly short of knitting, baking, and pets. It is closer to the TV shows Monk, Castle, and Murder She Wrote. When her brother-in-law is found dead in a ravine and his death is thought to be a murder-suicide with him as the killer, country girl Kaelynn Barrows can't agree. For her sister's sake, she plays amateur sleuth, spurred on when those in positions of authority seem to rush to their conclusion. Then a young child arrives with a note that says she is Gerald's daughter and doubts begin. When Kaelynn stumbles onto a third body, all evidence points to a small college group from his past. As she digs, threats again strike too close to home, but Kaelynn's questions won't rest. At this rate, he'll be guilty and she'll be dead.


Catalyst Krista Cairn

~ When the future is at stake, history is fragile. ~ Why - of all the species on Varone - why did she pick Human as her second form? She's not complaining, but now the fate of the world rests on her. Keata Windhunter had a good life in her role as research assistant and occasional superhero sidekick. As a species, humans were fascinating. Even science sat on the edge of impossible, changing reality as it went. That's why she chose human as her second form, even against the protests of her family. Now, thrown against her will a thousand years into the future, Keata faces more than a personal crisis. Her is species extinct, and the humans she sees around her now are a vague shadow of who they should be. Why is she the only one that knows?



Smitten Krista Cairn

Available ONLY On InstaFreebie: Jenna's family members keep dying and it's starting to look intentional. Old grudges, new enemies, and careful questions lead her into a history she's not prepared for. When family and other friends distance themselves and only one remains, she has to ask - what's in it for him? Note: This cozy is startlingly short of knitting, baking, and pets. It is closer to the TV shows Monk, Castle, and Murder She Wrote.


Dark Places Jan 2017 Krista Cairn

What if a detective had a way to see impossible clues? And what if that was only the beginning? Dylan has a secret - she sees the final thoughts of the dead. It's only in the few minutes after they pass away, then the images fade. How she does it is impossible - stepping into shadows, she is only as solid as the light around her. This is when their messages appear. When she meets a man who also defies reality - attracting light instead of dispelling it, she is intrigued. They compliment each other, and as they start to team up, they find out they're still being manipulated. They need to find out by why and there's really only one way to find out.