Krista Cairn


My stories are exciting and romantic, but nothing reaches the bedroom, for every genre I write.<br /> <br /> ---------------<br /> <br /> Raised in the wilds of central British Columbia by a mother who, when she was young, literally hunted for her family's supper, and a father who daily went into the bowels of the earth to maintain the machines that worked to reveal its inner treasures, an active imagination was not only healthy, it was essential.<br /> <br /> Roaming daily amongst the feral books that lined the paths of an almost mobile library, this imagination was fanned into a frenzy at times, and lulled into a coma at others. It became her goal to write the books that wake people up, that ignite imagination.<br /> <br /> Armed with what little she knew about the world, she joined the Canadian Armed Forces and went off to slay dragons. Four years later, the nature of the job brought her to choose between raising children and raising arms, and the children won. Thankfully.<br /> <br /> As they gained independence, she was step-by-step lured more fully into the fictive dream, and compelled to give solid form to a variety of hopes, temptations, and nightmares.<br /> <br /> ----<br /> <br /> Hope you like a quick pace and a bit of distraction. ;-)

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