Krista Cairn

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Dark Places Jan 2017 Krista Cairn

What if a detective had a way to see impossible clues? And what if that was only the beginning? Dylan has a secret - she sees the final thoughts of the dead. It's only in the few minutes after they pass away, then the images fade. How she does it is impossible - stepping into shadows, she is only as solid as the light around her. This is when their messages appear. When she meets a man who also defies reality - attracting light instead of dispelling it, she is intrigued. They compliment each other, and as they start to team up, they find out they're still being manipulated. They need to find out by why and there's really only one way to find out.


Smitten Krista Cairn

Jenna's family members keep dying and it's starting to look intentional. Old grudges, new enemies, and careful questions lead her into a history she's not prepared for. When family and other friends distance themselves and only one remains, she has to ask - what's in it for him? Note: This cozy is startlingly short of knitting, baking, and pets. It is closer to the TV shows Monk, Castle, and Murder She Wrote.