Kaye Draper


Kaye Draper writes magic and romance, starring a cast of creatures with feathers and teeth. Her steampunk fantasy books include EARTH AND SKY, RISE AND FALL, and DARKNESS AND LIGHT. Her paranormal romance and urban fantasy works include the DEMON'S CALL series (MOONLIGHT CALLS, BLOOD BECKONS, DESTINY DECREES),KELPIE, SURVIVOR, REDEMPTION, BEAUTY AND THE FEAST: A NOT SO URBAN FANTASY and her alien romance A SECRET SKY. For quick reads, check out her COME LOVE A FEY collection of paranormal and fantasy romance short stories, including MER, POOKA, CROW, WYVERN and HOUSE ON THE HILL. Kaye also advocates for self-development and mental health in her non-fiction work LOVE LETTERS TO MYSELF. She loves the outdoors and still hopes to be abducted by fairies. She may have more in common with her characters than she cares to admit.

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Beauty And The Feast: A Not So Urban Fantasy

I wanted solitude. I just wanted to be left the hell alone. I thought life had taken everything from me.
I was wrong.

Reclusive horror writer Tess Vere has lost everything. There is no possible way her craptastic life can get much worse. Until she is attacked by a shadow creature on the Lake Huron shore. Rescued by a Ninja Indian chick and her tasty (in every way) side-kick, Tess learns that she still has something left to lose after all.
Her humanity.

The Wendigo Girl series is a series of short novels between 40,000-50,000 words with elements of urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and occasional light horror. Mature language, some sexual content, and some graphic violence.


Earth And Sky

Wren has trained for war since she was a child, but a secret bond with the enemy leads her to question everything she has ever known.

Cast out by her family as a traitor, the fiery, alchemy-wielding shape-shifter finds refuge in the arms of Ville, the raven-winged leader of the enemy Sky clan. The star-crossed lovers discover that the world they know is built on lies meant to fuel the war that has raged between their clans for years.
Wren and Ville’s relationship transcends the discrimination around them as they seek to discover the real cause of the war—and learn the shocking truth about the forbidden bond between them. Armed with alchemy, attitude, and a six-shooter, Wren sets out on a journey of love, loss, and redemption that will change the world.


Moonlight Calls

The most powerful creatures of the supernatural community are inexplicably drawn to Mya, but she refuses to acknowledge the power growing inside her- not the least of which is the ability to make the undead explode on contact. Aided by her sexy roommate and a powerful new lover, she struggles to stay under the radar and out of the hands of monsters that would use her for their own gain. However, when Mya is forced to embrace the heady, soul stealing darkness that lies within her in order to save the life of a missing child, it may leave her irrevocably changed. Moonlight Calls combines elements of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and erotica, and is the first book in the Demon's Call saga.