KJ Robinson


KJ Robinson grew up on Xena the Warrior Princess, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Charmed. So it's no surprise that she writes kick ass heroines with magical powers. When she's not writing she's Queen of her testosterone filled domain as the only XX chromosome in her immediate family of five.

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Sorceress Unleashed - PREVIEW KJ Robinson

Demon Ex, Kidnapped Son, and the Apocalypse. No Problem. Traylor Ford has lived a quiet life for the last eighteen years. Exiled from her family because of her magical abilities, she’s kept her power under wraps. She thought she was doing all the right things, keeping her head down and raising her son, but that all changes when he is kidnapped. 
Traylor’s son is the key to a demon prophecy older than the Dead Sea Scrolls. She’s hidden his half demon, half sorcerer powers for years, but that didn’t stop a legion of demons from taking him as their prisoner. 
Together with her fiercely seductive demon ex-boyfriend, Demetrius, and her current lover, Detective Chase, Traylor unleashes her powers of sorcery in a quest to find her son and stop the demon Apocalypse from taking over the world.