K. Gorman


A recent graduate, K. Gorman has moved across the ocean to the west coast of Taiwan where she broadcasts a steady mix of science fiction and fantasy stories. When not writing, she is coming to grips with her day job, wrestling Sun Bears, and marathoning Battlestar Galactica.

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Sylphide K. Gorman

It’s been six weeks since Allish Statia, former prima ballerina at the Mersetzdeitz Ballet, broke her leg during the last performance of La Sylphide. In that time, she has healed (mostly), relaxed (a lot), and taken advantage of her husband’s willingness to order take-out on most weeknights. Then someone breaks into her apartment and points a gun at her. Using the wind elemental powers few knew she had, she is able to subdue the man. But he is only part of something much bigger—and much more dangerous.



Into the Dark K. Gorman

James’s sister is very worried about him. He lives alone, doesn’t eat much, and his fascination with all things electronics has attracted the attention of some of the Underground’s more notorious members. But he is fine. Really. Until someone leaves a series of cryptic notes on his door, along with a mysterious, possibly magical, black box.