Joseph Mark Brewer


Joseph Mark Brewer grew up near Cincinnati and after many years dividing his time between Japan, Canada, and the United States, settled in Austin, Texas. He graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in journalism and has worked in the news business for over 30 years. These days, both fiction and non-fiction work demand most of his time. On any given day, it's a toss-up which one prevails.

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The Gangster's Son

Tokyo police Inspector Shig Sato investigates the murder of a beautiful young jazz club waitress. Her boyfriend, an American Marine, is missing, and the club owner is nowhere to be found. Sato knows that if the American has anything to do with the crime it might ignite a political and diplomatic firestorm. Then learns that the club owner is the son of prominent yakuza boss Ses Fujimori, Sato's childhood friend. Ties between the families go back generations, and Sato is in debt to Fujimori for help in solving a case many years before, a secret he has closely guarded. Now Sato faces the the biggest crisis of his career - will maintaining his family honor keep him from bringing a killer to justice?