John Phythyon


John R. Phythyon, Jr. wishes he were a superhero or a magician, but since he has not yet been bitten by a radioactive spider or received his letter from Hogwarts, he writes adventure stories instead. He is the author of the Wolf Dasher series of fantasy-thriller mashup novels, the epic fantasy series The Usurpers Saga, several modern fairy tales, and a series of comical memoirs about his childhood ("My True-Life Adventure" series). Prior to becoming a novelist, he was an award-winning game designer.

He lives in Columbus, Ohio, with his wife, their children, a dog, and a cat. It is rarely quiet, but it's often entertaining. His current projects include world peace, desperately wishing for the Cincinnati Bengals to win a Super Bowl, and acquiring more cool socks.

Connect with John on his website, You can follow him on Twitter at @JohnRPhythyonJr, where he live-tweets SURVIVOR and Bengals games, and on Facebook at, where he links cool sci-fi/fantasy stuff and cute cat videos. Or email him at john at He writes back.

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Beauty & the Beast: A Modern Fairy Tale John Phythyon

Rory Belling wishes she were recognized for her academic achievements and that people would stop caring so much about football. Caleb Johnson wishes he could lead Lawrence High to its first football championship in 18 years and to date Rory Bellin. The new English teacher can make all their wishes come true. Of course, there's a price. But it's worth it to get everything you ever wanted, right? Be careful what you wish for. You might just get it!


State of Grace John Phythyon

James Bond meets Game of Thrones! His name is Wolf Dasher. He is one of the top agents in Her Majesty's Secret Service. But he's in over his head when he's sent to the magical land of elves to solve the murder of a colleague. Pitted against a megalomaniac with a messiah complex, Wolf races against time to prevent a despicable act of terrorism designed to establish the perfect State of Grace. Clever gadgets, pulse-pounding chases, and suave secret agents collide with high fantasy, courtroom intrigue, and religious zealotry in a setting both familiar and fresh. Fans of Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings will enjoy this page-turning genre mashup that marries super-spy action with magic and elves.