John Hindmarsh


I write science fiction and thrillers, sometimes with crossover. Well, you need a thrill in your SF and an occasional touch of science in your thrillers. I'm Australian, and after living and working in ten or more countries, I now live in the High Sierra region of California. I write full time, when I'm not hiking, kayaking or skiing.<br /> <br /> My books generally are written with an American voice [well, I try], although I prefer to write British English. So I get mixed up - in any event, I claim aluminium is the correct word. See more details at<br /> <br /> Thrillers.<br /> Mark Midway series. Mark One, Mark Two, Mark Three, and Mark Four are available now; individually, or as a boxed set. <br /> <br /> Science Fiction.<br /> The Glass Complex trilogy. The first book is Broken Glass. The second book, Fracture Lines, was released in September, 2016. The third book, Diamond Cut, and the three books as a box set are available now..<br /> <br /> Shen Ark series. Shen Ark: Departure was released as a possible beginning of a series. Currently it is a standalone title.<br /> <br /> I have written a number of short stories, all science fiction although perhaps one or two have a touch of fantasy. Check my web site - - my short story collection is A Hole In The Universe.<br /> <br /> Remember, for updates and the occasional freebie, join my mailing list -

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Enter another universe, from the downright evil to the extremely weird, in this collection of seven short stories, totaling approximately 22,000 words. The genre is broadly science fiction, from space opera to whimsy. You'll be so Happy, My Dear scared his wife, Charles is about a skeleton that comes to life, The Mortgage has a unexpected ending, Nephew and Nephew is inexplicable--the list goes on. Don't ask what the stories mean, because John doesn't have a ready answer.



Shen Ark: Departure

Dr. Joseph Krowe, a young scientist in London, develops a mind-bending drug—a pharmacological-chemical-nanite [PCN] mix—tests it on himself and almost dies. His drug has initiated an accelerated evolutionary change in rats—New Rats. Their natural enemies—New Cats—also evolve, and a state of war exists. Rats support Dr. Krowe, and he guides and influences them, as they continue to evolve. The drug also affects some humans. Freddie and his family befriend Sam, a young Rat who is a member of the Rat royal family, thus commencing a strong relationship between humans and Rats. Freddie—called Engineer by his friends—aids Rats’ plan to purchase a starship. Rats are impatient to depart Earth. Humans want the alien technology. Cats just want to kill Rats. Hectic adventure and thrills.


Mark One

Mark One is the first book in the Mark Midway series. Nine men, ex-military, are on a mission to destroy a genetics laboratory and capture a genetically engineered specimen. They are supported by four rogue CIA agents, who have commandeered a test drone and missile at a Marine base. They attack the laboratory complex before dawn, during a raging blizzard. Within hours, seven of the men are dead, one is severely wounded and one barely escapes. The drone with its missile has been destroyed. The next morning the four rogue agents are found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning. Mark Midway does not know where and when he was born. Two scientists adopted him when he was a young child and his home since has been a genetic research laboratory. Now he needs to survive. He'll fight back. Hard!