John Patrick Gallagher


I have written musical comedies and dramas produced in NYC and Chicago, tv, a kids novel, a mess of commercials and even more IOUs. I won a Cable Ace for a Time Warner video of one of my plays.
I wrote the short story, Berzrk, as the first release of the Thumpers Chronicles which includes, novels, a play, a tv series, VR games, graphic novels, and films.
I hold my creative and pre-production sessions in Rudy’s Bar in Hells Kitchen, a hangout for Off-Broadway actors, writers, crew, musicians, hookers, Westies and other people your mother would not approve of.
I have a BA in Creative Writing from Purdue University known for Engineering and Animal Husbandry, which was not what I thought it was when I enrolled. I also has a degree from Hamburger University which has been way more valuable than my Creative Writing degree.
I live  in NYC with my Tasmanian Devil Dog, Davey and a dead dieffenbachia. I support ecological and feminist issues. My hobbies include over-eating, over-sleeping, watching Korean dramas, being walked by Davy, and every four years, I watch Olympic curling, the only spectator sport I don’t hate.
Back when T-Rex ruled the swamps, I was a copywriter, creative director, and marketing agency president.

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THE EMERGENCE OF ZULU WAR GODDESS The rage of an NYU student ignites her dormant DNA imbuing her with the awesome power of a Zulu Berserker. Turquoise Thomlinson finds that the most exciting day of her life has turned way too exciting. The NYU student gets her big break as a Lolly Po model for Fashion week. After her success on the runway (not falling down) she sneaks into a VIP party and is romanced by a hunky tv star. Unfortunately, Turquoise ends the evening hanging by her ankle from a water tower surrounded by groping hands. She has nowhere to go but insane.