Joel Abernathy

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Exhale (Preview, Adult Audiences Only)

Adult Audiences Only Two men haunted by the same ghost… Working in the coal mine, struggling to breathe life into a dying marriage, raising a transgender daughter in a small town. Jack’s life isn’t easy, but it’s his. At least until his wife Francesca turns up dead and he becomes the primary suspect. When his daughter goes missing, the last person Jack wants help from is the man whose love letter his wife kept with her intimates for 10 years. Nicolae doesn’t believe in handholding, and he drops Jack into a world he’s entirely unprepared for. The very claim that motivates the alpha wolf to save Ellie is the one that makes him Jack’s worst nightmare. Francesca belonged to Nicolae, and by pack law, so does Jack. He’s human, but he’ll have to become the alpha’s mate to save his daughter.