Jamie Thornton


Jamie Thornton lives in Northern California with her husband, two dogs, a garden, lots of chickens, a viola, and a bicycle. Her anthropology degree shapes her fiction. Her YA post-apocalyptic series FEAST OF WEEDS consistently ranks in the Top 25 Amazon Kindle Bestseller lists for Horror, Action Adventure, Young Adult and Survival Stories. She writes stories that take place halfway around the world, in an apocalyptic future, in a parallel universe—her books don’t always stick to one genre, but they always take the reader on a dark adventure.

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Rhinoceros Summer Jamie Thornton

From New York Times bestselling author Jamie Thornton. A rare rhinoceros on the brink of extinction. A trophy hunter on the verge of bankruptcy. A young photographer desperate for fame. A fluke opportunity provides 17-year-old Lydia with a chance to leave her boring life and capture beauty with her camera. But nothing is what it seems, and Lydia becomes ensnared in the bloody world of showdown hunting. She uses her camera as a shield, but the horrors mount, and so do her feelings for Caleb, a rugged, earnest game officer on a mission of his own--until Lydia captures his sights. Lydia's pictures surpass her wildest ambitions, but then fall into the wrong hands. Unless she and Caleb team up and race to take back the camera, her work will drive both her and a rare rhino into extinction.


Contamination (Feast of Weeds, Book 2) Jamie Thornton

~~~Book 1 also available for FREE DOWNLOAD on InstaFreebie~~~ HER MEMORIES WON'T STAY DEAD. More than anything, eighteen-year-old Corrina wants Dylan to love her as much as her parents loved each other. But when a new virus unleashes violence that devastates their neighborhood, Dylan is kidnapped and Corrina uncovers a terrible secret. A crude vaccination, and now Corrina’s immune from the virus ravaging the city—but the cure changes her memories in bizarre ways. With help from a group of runaways, Corrina must survive a world gone mad if she’s to find the boy she still loves. But when Dylan discovers what she's become, will he still love her?