Jamie Klaire


Jamie got her start writing fast, hot, erotic short stories that often included two sexy men for each lucky woman. Her stories are hot, steamy, funny, lighthearted erotic shorts and she'd love to share her sexy stories with you.

Jamie has veered off toward now writing longer works- steamy, sexy cowboy romances as Jenny Klaire and paranormal shifter romances as USA Today Bestselling Author J.M. Klaire, so if you like her style here in mostly short form, check out those author pages as well.

All three personalities can be found on one website- JKlaireRomance.com. There you can sign up for the mailing lists and ARC lists for each of her author personalities.

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Alpha Bitten Jamie Klaire

A hot, wolf-shifter short story. No cliffhangers. Sarah is a half-breed wolf shifter in heat- who can't shift or be part of a pack, both of which she wants more than anything. Her best friend Amber is a witch who wants to help. Her ritual inside the fairy ring, at midnight, during the full moon is supposed to take care of Sarah's needs, finding her a mate. There is only one problem- she is missing a key ingredient. Alpha-wolf Cullen is out for a midnight run when he scents Sarah, and what he sees inside the fairy ring will change both of their lives forever. This is an aprox 5,800+ word steaming hot, wolf shifter romantic short story for adults only. Complete short story, no cliffhangers.