J. Sharpe


Dutch suspense author J. Sharpe has published several mystery thrillers and short stories. He is a cross-genre writer and likes to blend themes and elements from two or more different genres in his books.<br /> <br /> His work is often compared to that of Stephen King, Peter Straub and Dean Koontz, although Sharpe is complimented for his own distinctive style.<br /> <br /> His novel Broken Memory – that he wrote together with the late Jos Weijmer – was nominated for the Harland Awards for best novel of 2015 and received an honorable mention for extraordinary originality. <br /> Eden was nominated for a Bastaard Fantasy Award 2016.<br /> <br /> So far 7 novels and several short stories have been published in The Netherlands and Belgium. One of these, Eden, is translated to English, just like the first chapters of Broken Memory and a few short stories.

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Eden - Part 1

The new book by the dutch Stephen King! "Angels: they’re among us. I would know. There’s one trapped inside of me. But the image you probably have of these “helpers of God” is wrong, I guarantee it. They are all maniacal assholes." Anna Meisner awakes, naked and afraid, tied to a chair in a dark room. Across from her sits a woman who is her spitting image. With tears in her eyes, the woman puts a gun against her head and kills herself. Anna is not found until days later and in a state of hypothermia, moments from dying. But when she wakes in the hospital, she finds that the police doesn’t see her as a victim, but as a suspect. It’s the beginning of a series of catastrophic events in which she has no choice but to play a part. Is this the end of humanity? This apocalyptic thriller was