Hal Archer


Hal Archer was born in Texas, where, after many travels, he again resides. He has worked as a bookseller, a research library assistant, and a military computer network expert (often in hostile enemy territory). He eventually took a position in international shipping and worked for twelve years, while pursuing the writing craft in his spare time. After several early attempts in sci-fi, action/adventure, and thriller genres, he developed a character that he found truly compelling, and the Jake Mudd Adventures series was born.

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Deadly Cargo


Former mercenary Jake Mudd travels the galaxy transporting goods to out of the way places. He operates under the radar to avoid enemies hellbent on settling old scores.

When a lucrative delivery gets hijacked, he goes after the package for the payoff he desperately needs.

With the help of his trusty blaster and an alien woman who stirs memories he’s traveled light years to forget, he sets out across a strange and treacherous world.

Tracking the cargo turns from difficult to perilous when he falls into the thick of a planetary struggle.

With more at stake than his life and the safety of his beloved ship, Jake fights to outrun and outgun the growing threats. But the worst threat of all may be the one he brought with him.



Tangled Peril

Jake faces down a double-crossing buyer on a routine delivery and helps a desperate woman escape captivity. But now the same man is determined to kill them both.

Join Jake on a day that goes from bad to worse as he narrowly escapes death more than once, trying to make things right.

This is a prequel novelette introducing Jake Mudd, former mercenary, now running a galactic delivery business under the radar to avoid enemies hellbent on settling old scores.

At the end of this story, you'll find a link to the full-length novel Deadly Cargo, Jake Mudd Adventures Book One.