Bruce Magnotti


Grüdier is an nom de plume of Dr. Rüdiger Wilhelm, a character created by author Bruce Magnotti. Rüdiger is a theoretical geneticist living in Düsseldorf. Besides publishing his peer reviewed research articles on topics of theoretical genetics, he writes in different science fiction genres under the following pseudonyms.<br /> <br /> 1. Wil Helm - an American author writing science fiction. His fans consider his work in the horror genre, specifically science fiction eco horror. His most notable work is "Subtle Shift of Genre" a gender bending tale of an author who writes a short story about the return of a notable mystic.<br /> <br /> 2. Regi Dür - a comic book author from Austria, Regi writes comic book stories of the origins of god, gods, dragons, and the rise of human civilization.<br /> <br /> 3. Rüdi Ger - a German/French poet, prophet, and philosopher writing poetry and short stories.<br /> <br /> 4. Grüdier - a French author writing science fiction erotica in the first person of a character names Cosette.<br /> <br /> 5. xxy - actually a pseudonym of Grüdier writing erotica from the perspective of a more sensual, playful, and adventurous young Rüdiger Wilhelm.

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