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The Calm Act Books 1-3, Sample

Time Ran Out on Climate Change When climate change brings the U.S. to its knees, upbeat programmer Dee Baker has better options than most. As her old world disintegrates, Dee teams up to help build a new one. "Heart-rending, realistic, inspiring and hope filled, incredibly well written. Kudos!” "Climate change. Government surveillance. Societal breakdown. Sounds like a real downer, right? It's not, thanks to its determined, smart-ass, witty narrator. She's instantly relatable." "Brilliant read, took me on a great ride as a reader. I loved the interesting and unique characters all thrown together in a changing and crumbling world. Edgy, fast paced. Highly Recommended."


Civilly Disobedient

The Storms Before the Calm Resourceful programmer Dee Baker is getting worried about climate change. Food prices are skyrocketing, the drought out west deepening, and the storms just won’t quit. When her intrusive Fortune 100 media employer forbids her to attend the worsening riots, Dee defies them to visit a rally, and see for herself what they’re trying to hide.