FJ Harmon


FJ Harmon is a native Michigander, which is the location for many of his stories. He spent his entire professional career, including a twenty-two years career in Naval and Strategic Intelligence in Maryland. He currently resides in North Carolina, where in 2008 he began his writing career with his first book, “For What Is Sacred” which was published in 2012. In 2014 he completed a second book, Duplicity’s Child, the first in the Mace Franklyn Mystery series. He is currently writing for a local magazine in St. James, North Carolina, Cat-Tales, and working on his next books, “One Cold Sunday,” and his next in the Mace Franklyn series, “Returning Fire”.

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Revenge For What is Sacred

The master terrorist behind the 911 attacks escapes from his Guantanamo jailers and wants revenge at any cost. He has the ultimate weapon, but only his nephew can unleash its devastating power. A woman, torn between her love of the Palestinian, and her duty to Israel, pursues them both. Rich in the color of the middle east, this quick paced page burner follows her as she tries to stop her love before it is too late, and the terrorist because she is an agent of Eilath, Mossad's Anti-Terrorism unit. The pursuit spans two continents, and reaches critical mass, when all arrived at a deep-water seaport between a nuclear power plant and a nuclear arms depot. What could go wrong?