Elen Ghulam


Elen Ghulam worked as a computer programmer for 18 years. Telling stories to silicon chips proved to be easy, and so she graduated to amusing humans. She is an Iraqi-Canadian living in Vancouver, BC.

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Spoonful Chronicles Elen Ghulam

To unlock the secret to her destiny, one woman must remember everything she has ever eaten.


The Adventures of Frakash in the Land of the Geekmeistes Elen Ghulam

Frakash was a garden gnome who thought magic was boring. Memorizing reams of magic spells to be recited at absurd moments was not Frakash’s idea of fun. His soul ached for an exit out of his fairy-tale existence. This mysterious longing finds him sneaking into a software company to blend in with the computer programmers he names geekmeisters. His head spins like a twirling dervish and his heart beats like an African drum upon encountering the antiseptically linear world of the corporate office. His soul aches to belong among the creative geniuses he meets there. Will Frakash develop the logical muscles necessary to understand the dizzying array of designs his new friends are working on? Can he make a useful contribution without resorting to a single magic spell?


Don't Shoot! ... I have another story to tell you Elen Ghulam

Four languages, an assortment of passports and no where to call home. Don't Shoot! ... I have another story to tell you chronicles the trials and tribulations of a Czech-born Iraqi woman who walks the tightrope between the poetic East and the seductive West. Her life was already complicated when she immigrated to Canada, and then life took a bi-polar turn. She marries a dashing Palestinian professor and together they live in Scotland and Israel. In the holy city of Jerusalem, she learns Hebrew, works for an Israeli company and experiences the military occupation of Palestine first hand - albeit from a perspective within Israeli society. She takes an Israeli friend to visit a Palestinian neighborhood, and later takes a Palestinian friend to visit an Israeli area. The tourist introducing th



Graffiti Hack Elen Ghulam

Nelly Nasah grew up in a culture obsessed with decoration. In her native country, straight lines are anathema. Letters are hand-written into anthropomorphic shapes. Even heart monitoring machines are covered with colourful mosaics. So when Nelly arrives in Washington, D.C. she has a mission--to make the Internet beautiful. She lands a job as a graphic designer in Georgetown, and gets to work trying to inspire her colleagues--aloof boss Jack, talkative middle-aged Ashley and Don Juan-wannabe Ralf--to greater heights of embellishment with her unique brand of storytelling. Her modern fairy tales are misinterpreted by the three, with hilarious results. Despite all her efforts, Nelly's only friend in this new country is a rickety old elevator, who communicates with her through flickering lights