Douglas Stewart


Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Doug was brought up in England and in tandem with working in the UK and USA as a lawyer, developed a successful career as an internationally widely-read author. He has written nine acclaimed mystery-thrillers (including Undercurrent a WH Smith Paperback of the Week) and four non-fiction books, one of which was a chart-topper. He also contributed to Capital Crimes, an Amazon number one best-selling anthology.

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Hard Place - The Prequel

Hard Place – The Prequel is just some twenty pages long. This short teaser introduces Det. Insp. Todd “Ratso” Holtom, a London detective. In The Prequel, Ratso is on the French Riviera in Monte Carlo and tracking a London drug baron who is aboard his superyacht for dirty business. Ratso’s groundwork leads into the dramatic action at the start of Hard Place, a full length mystery thriller which opens with immediate tense and dramatic action.
I hope The Prequel intrigues you to buy the superbly reviewed Hard Place and gets you hooked on this new series involving Ratso, this risk-taking London detective.