Diane J. Reed


Bestselling author Diane J. Reed writes contemporary fiction with a touch of magic, where individuals dare to break through boundaries and live from the heart. She has a soft spot for artisans, outlaws and dreamers--those who burn brightly to live each day as a gift. Though her novels explore the nuances of modern relationships intensified by sacred moments and even time travel, their unique soul journeys are always deeply rooted in real life. Along with her passion for books that earned her a Ph.D., Diane J. Reed enjoys painting, spying on ghosts, and spending time with her family. If you happen upon a woman in the Rocky Mountains with wild hair and faded jeans who whispers to the wind while searching the sky, that just might be Diane...

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Bandits Hollow Diane J. Reed

On a clear winter night, the Cold Moon shines a light that illuminates the past… Evangeline Tinker has always been as spooky as hell and the best fortune teller this side of the Mississippi. But not even she can hide her passionate history with a notorious outlaw when he comes back to find her in order to finish what they started—from a past life. Yet there’s a reason she left Virgil Hollow once, because a love like that can consume your whole soul. As the December snow collects around Bender Lake and sparkles as bright as tinsel, Evangeline must decide whether to try and escape through time travel or to trust Virgil enough to open her heart again. Only this time, her psychic powers won’t be able to predict her future.