David Six


Everyone is afraid of something.

Maybe it's that flash of movement you are sure you saw from the corner of your eye just a second ago, but when you turned, nothing was there. Maybe it's the new noise in your house that you tell yourself is just the joists settling. Maybe it's your neighbor who seems friendly and convivial, but there is something just a bit off about them.

Ordinary people encountering other people--or, perhaps, things--are at the crux of what I write. Ordinary people can be heroes, but they can also have the fecal matter scared out of them when they are stepping up.

Some tales have a happy ending, but not all. And whether the monsters are human, or something else, their stories will be real.


David Six lives in the Winston-Salem, NC area.


Tomson Cobb
I really like this cover.

Kate Rauner
I just read the first story and couldn't put it down. Edge of your seat suspense, and I truly didn't know how it would end. Recommended!

Leon Cameron
Great title, great name for an author, intriguing cover!

Eamonn Murphy
With his detailed prose, David Six takes you right into the minds of his psychopathic characters in a disturbing way. Not for the faint-hearted but great stuff.

Jeff Dosser
A chilling read. Highly recommended and you can't beat 13 stories.

G M Sherwin
Just what a horror fan needs

Midwest Classics Press
13 is a marvelous collection of short stories. Never thought I could get completely terrified in just a few pages. Which means there's time for "just one more story" before you have to turn out the lights - which of course you don't really want to... Claim Your Copy Now.

Shirley S. Simon
I like short horror stories... especially a collection of them. Tightly knit, they tend to keep you on the edge. So looking forward to reading these.

C. C. Brower
David Six "13' is something I'm working through as inspiration for my own stories. Short stories can be fit into tiny moments where you can scare yourself silly. Can't figure right now which of these I like best - but will by the time I finish them all...

Andrew Mackay
From one short story master to another, you'd be crazy to miss this compendium of outrageous horror!

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13: A Baker’s Dozen of Suspense and Horror Tales

Here are thirteen short stories of horror and suspense to make you feel you are not alone in the room--even when you think you are.

A simple man falls victim to paranoia.

A teenage girl wants what she wants--no matter what.

Three different--but equally deadly--compulsive murderers.

Two marriages that take chilling turns.

A haunted house with a twisted ending.

A man at the end of his career, and his eerily lifelike ventriloquist dummy.

And more. Thirteen shorts in all.

Make sure the lights are on.