DF Doran


D.F. Doran, when asked what he did for a living, always answers, “which decade?” Mr. Doran has worked as a staff writer and an editor for a daily newspaper, served in a senior position in the United States House of Representatives as chief of Staff to a member of Congress, and for a Fortune 25 company as a vice president. <br /> He is married to his wife, Jan, for nearly 48 years. Together, they have four married children and six grandchildren.<br /> <br /> The Dorans live in Highlands Ranch Colorado.<br />

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The Copper Casket

June 1963 “They switched caskets!” An elderly widow’s tearful telephone call sets reporter Jim Monaghan on a perilous journey unearthing corruption and criminal activity in a chain of funeral homes. The investigation turns deadly as Monaghan, the widow, and a courageous young district attorney fight to learn the truth.