Chogan Swan


Chogan Swan lives in the country of the mind in the world of thoughts in the universe of ideas.
In your space-time continuum, Chogan studied Philosophy as a youth at an accredited college earning an undergraduate degree in that discipline and later graduate degrees in Business and Engineering from a major U.S. university. These studies led to Chogan’s interest in Systems Thinking and how to work together to save the world for everyone.
Philosopher, poet, prophet, revolutionary and warrior--sentients in many universes have used these words to describe Chogan. As always, the truth is in the interstices.
The motivating force behind Chogan's 'messages in bottles' to the multiverse is captured in the words of Harlan Ellison:

"Writing is a holy chore..., the only organism of quiet communication left to us.
In the soft moments when we huddle alone with our thoughts, we turn to words... and there, in the moment when (sentient beings) choose to reason, we can reach them.
It is a heavy responsibility."

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Caves of Ice - Caverns of Fire (Preview)

Even before he was born, Seth Arodan, Prince of Gynt had attracted the worst enemies possible—like demonic powers with human pawns throughout the known world. His brother Wyatt is in the same predicament, but he had a head start on hiding years ago.
You’d think a holy prophet would be a bit more considerate than to tell your enemies where you could be found. Seth has no choice but to leave his home and old friends behind before he brings catastrophe down on all of them.
He flees embarks on a desperate journey, attracting allies and enemies from men, women, wizards, ravens, dragons and shadowmen, and all of them seem to want something from him. Join Seth and those who surround him in this epic fantasy quest to save the world from the followers of the Dark Hand.