Candace Carrabus


I’m a multi-published award-winning author of fantasy, contemporary mystery, and metaphysical fiction. I’ve written stories and ridden horses–simultaneously–for as long as I can remember. I spent my formative years in the saddle–just imagining. When not riding, I hung out in the loft with the barn cat or napped in the pasture with the horses. Not surprisingly, my stories are often infused with the mystery and spirituality horses have brought to my life.

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On the Buckle Preview

Viola Parker might be one of the best show-jumper riders around, but her attitude just landed her out of work. Again. She can barely keep her horse in hay let alone support her whipped-cream-in-a-can addiction. Now, all that’s between her and a surprise trust fund is keeping a job for one year by the time she’s 30. And a glowing letter of recommendation. But it’s hard to keep a civil tongue when within minutes of arriving at her new post at a Missouri horse farm, Vi runs headlong into a bull, has to catch a runaway, and her horse kicks her kilt-clad boss. It’s supposed to be a boring year of riding “on the buckle.” Between the ghost horse visiting Vi’s dreams and the dead bodies piling up, the question isn't whether she can earn a reference, but whether she'll live long enough to get it.