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Escape From Purgatory

The unthinkable can happen. Claire Wright learns this nightmarish truth when life comes tumbling down around her. In her world, men still rule, and that includes what they do with their wives. Abandoned at the local asylum, Claire frantically tries to unravel the reason she's in this predicament. Tormented by staff, struggling daily for survival, she believes she's doomed. One day, she's faced with an opportunity that changes everything. The problem: a dead body is involved. Can Claire make a clean break and leave her hellish existence forever, or does the past catch up with her?


Diary of a Hollywood Hottie ...and Other Starlet Indignities

"BREAKING NEWS" screamed across the crawler on all cable channels. The trending hashtag on Twitter was #SaveOlivia
Olivia Stark is the highest paid starlet in Hollywood.

She has just come through a harrowing event that could have been pulled straight from "Law & Order SVU."

Introduced in Below the Beltway, The Beltway Series - Book 1, Olivia is back and trying to figure out how she can maximize her starlet power into a career that will give her the same clout as the men who get paid more simply because of their gender.

The first novelette in The Beltway Series, Olivia Stark takes the reader into her inner world.

Olivia wants real power in Hollywood, not just the easy attention that comes with youth, beauty, and starlet billing.

She wants longevity.

How does she get it?


There's A Thin Line

Blair Aikman is a Female Black Anti-Terrorist Agent, who works for the new Shadow Agency, which has been formed to combat the new threat of terrorism within the borders of the United States. Her directive: Eliminate the threat posed by Robert Lee Dyson, leader of the Aryan Brotherhood Nation, who is determined to join the strength of the thirty major Neo-Nazi Organizations in the U.S.

In the aftermath, his son, Josef Heinrich Erwin Dyson, emerges to wreak vengeance against Americans, and then, Blair's life! Josef has vowed to make everyone involved with the move against his Aryan Brotherhood Nation pay. And then pay again.

There's a Thin Line...Book One - Legal Reichs, begins the story of Josef's rise to power, which culminates in his new vision for America! Fasten your seat belts,


Sheryl's Last Stand

Sheryl has seen better days; but now, at the wrong side of thirty-five she has lost it all and must start again. Not alone; but under the watchful eye of her mother, her sister and various friends who have known her since she was in nappies.

How does she cope?

With a newly discovered passion for belly dancing Sheryl sets out to chase her fantasies. But with a teacher like Nefertiti, and mother like Beatrice chasing your fantasies is easier said than done…

Sheryl's Last Stand is the first in the Belly Dancing and Beyond series- comic stories about a group of women who have at one time or another danced with the great Nefertiti.


Desired: Spin-off Novella

Being a demon isn’t easy, but who else will prevent an apocalypse?

Maya hates being a demon. So when an opportunity arises to ditch her duties as a High Councillor in the Dome and return to the Human Realm, she takes it.

But what started off as a journey to see her old hunting partner and tell him her true feelings winds up in a battle to save humanity from an Archdemon Tanatos who also slipped through the Demon Gate. Before that demon becomes too strong, she must eliminate him. It may be a suicide mission, and she’ll willingly do it with the only man on her mind—Ben.


City of Dreams (The Paris Chronicles Book 1)

After a whirlwind courtship and marriage to dashing Frenchman Emile Daubigny, Anna, the teenage daughter of a Russian furrier, moves to Paris with her new husband, looking forward to a life of gaiety, love and comfortable affluence. The year is 1864: married life and the social scene in the most fashionable city on earth is everything Anna hoped it would be, but when Emile vanishes without trace and she is evicted, her world crumbles. As war with Prussia looms, Anna and the city she loves must struggle to survive.
This coming of age story explores the themes of friendship, love and the fragility of dreams. Nineteenth century Paris is richly evoked, from the opulent ballrooms of high society to the squalid tenements and harsh streets where the shadow of revolution grows ever darker.


The Blow In

Romance can lurk where you least expect it. Even in the depths of the Irish countryside.

Political reporter Finola McGee is not the romantic type. She leads with her chin, shoots from the hip and takes no prisoners. When living on the edge loses its appeal, she escapes Dublin to run the local newspaper in a small Tipperary town. An easy job, friendly neighbours, lovely countryside, and fresh air—what’s not to like?

But the rural bliss doesn’t last longer than a weekend. Finola soon finds herself mixed up in a hornet’s nest of conspiracies. And when Hollywood rides into town, a certain heartthrob adds a further twist to an already complicated romance…

This is the first book in a three-part series. But every book will be a stand-alone and enjoyable on its own.


Sex Happens


Dr. Alexandra Rose has everything a woman could want. She's the wife of a renowned cardiologist, the mother of three adorable sons, and a successful chiropractor. But on their twentieth anniversary, her husband shocks her with his affair. Her life spins out of control, and she faces the other side of marriage where dreams implode and people are not who they seem.

Alexandra wants custody of her children, but so does her husband, and he'll stop at nothing. Thrust into a nightmare spawned by chilling deception, a custody battle erupts that's so poisonous it threatens to become murderous.

In this stay-up-all-night portrait of a contemporary family, Alexandra's bittersweet journey of love, loss, and sexuality leads her to a miraculous discovery of self and power.


Hello, My Love (aka: A Modern Love Story)

What would Elizabeth Bennet be like if she had been born today? In this modern-day tale inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, bright, beautiful law student Elise Halverson looks forward to a promising career. The last thing she needs is to fall in love with well-known playboy Greg Thorpe. Besides, he's engaged to be married.

Greg finds Elise so unlike the women he used to date and he’s deeply intrigued. But distrusting the image she has of him, Elise tries to keep away.

Elise’s parents invite Greg to their frequent dinner parties. There, Greg and Elise butt heads. She’s surprised to find that, behind his rich playboy persona, he’s intelligent and engaging. They can’t help feeling drawn to each other.


My Escort

Clover is personal assistant to Debra Coorman, the merciless boss of Candice fashion magazine. The bright lights of New York are dim for Clover, who is tormented by a work schedule like no other. Debra is relentless in her determination to demean Clover.

For once, Clover dares to play Debra’s games, and intends to prove her wrong at the next glittering event. With mixed emotions, Clover contacts a male escort, Damon. If his velvet voice over the phone is anything to go by, Clover knows her money will be well spent.

But when Damon appears at her door, something unexpected happens. The taunts and the games begin. Who is truly going to win at this game?


Hire Me

I’m Samantha Kent. I own a house and share it with four roomies. Luck hasn’t been on my side lately, though, with a ruined car, a novel that isn’t selling, and no money in my pockets. And if this isn’t enough, Mother Nature decides to throw a curve ball my way when the storm of the century hits West Palm Beach and destroys my garden in a matter of seconds. Then Matthew shows up—sexy as hell and a farm boy to boot. He’s exactly the inspiration I need for my next bestseller. Only he’s off limits because he’s dating my neighbor, of course, but when he offers to help me revive my garden, I’m more than grateful that I’ll have one less thing to deal with. However, everything changes when Matthew barges into my room and catches me fantasizing about him with my hands down my pants, leaving me wish


Solid Stone: Revolving Door

Some may say I'm quiet and unassuming. It would shock most that my nights are filled with dark elaborate fantasies. I never thought they’d come to life until I opened the door to Adam Stone, the Master of the Boardroom and the Bedroom. My tantalizing new reality with Adam scares the hell out of me. I know I should run like hell, but I can’t. He makes me want more, much more.

I’ve been deemed the Master of Mergers. I have what it takes to bind the largest and most competitive companies when no one else can. But, Violet... she's milk and honey, untainted, a clean slate. When she walked through the door, I knew I had to have her. I wanted her more than any other woman, and I always get what I want.

Can Violet and Adam's passion ignite an everlasting fire? Or will their differen


Just Between Us: A Friend's to Lover's Romance

I fell in love with a girl a long time ago.
Not just any girl. My best friend. Lorraine Dawes.
But I never told her.
Now she's moving in with me.
Oh, and she is a twenty-two year old virgin ready to give it up.
Everything is fine until it isn't.
Until we're doing things best friends shouldn't. Touching, kissing...
How can I ever tell her how much I love her?