Avrin Kelly


I'm an artist / author by night; and a (crappy) secretary by day. <br /> I make music, I write books, I cuddle my dog so much she's missing hair. <br /> (Okay, that part's not totally true. She still has some of her hair...) <br /> I love to write.<br /> I struggle with story structure sometimes. MRUs are not my friends... Ahh, what else?<br /> I'm a panster.<br /> I write about Warlocks, Witches, different dimensions and haunted handymen.. <br /> I like weird stuff. <br /> My favorite YouTube Channel is Strange Mysteries. <br /> I'm a huge fan of r/NoSleep... <br /> Who else? <br /> J.P. Sloan, Laura Thalassa, J.D. Horn, B.V. Larson, April White, Anne Rice, Ruby Dixon ( I love those blue aliens.) and last but not least, Sean Stone.<br /> I'd love it if you read my work. If you do, lemme know what you thought of it. <br /> But be warned, I cuss like a sailor and my characters do too.<br /> Peace. (Mic drop)<br /> Too much?<br /> Okay, that was too much. <br /> Sorry. = )<br /> <br />

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