Audrey Davis


Audrey Davis is a Scottish-born former journalist now living in Switzerland. During her career, she covered everything from court cases and cattle shows to film premieres and movie star interviews.<br /> <br /> The mother of two grown-up boys, she has devoted recent years to her home and family, dabbling in writing plays for school and co-directing performances. She has also successfully helped students put together strong personal statements etc for Masters degrees.<br /> <br /> Following a course in Writing Fiction, Audrey decided to have a go at her first novel. A Clean Sweep – – is the result. Shortly after its release, she decided to write a short prequel - A Clean Break - which is available here.<br /> <br /> Audrey is currently working on her second full-length novel, a contemporary tale of death, the after-life and letting go. Sounds dark, but it will have a fun side!

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A Clean Break

A marriage hanging together by a thread. An affair that could blow everything apart. Meet Jim and Emily, two people with little in common except the need to find a way out. A poignant and powerful mini prequel to A Clean Sweep.