Ashton Blackthorne


Ruthless. Unstoppable. Sexy.<br /> <br /> My gorgeous secretary calls me a bad boy in a good suit. I’ve built up quite a reputation over the years women have dubbed me "So so bad" and men have called me the biggest, baddest shark on Wall Street. They say I’ve been everywhere, done everything…<br /> And it’s all true.<br /> <br /> I get what I want when I want it.<br /> <br /> Now I'm sharing the most intimate details of my sordid life in my books based on actual events.<br /> <br /> Broken, a dark alpha male romance is my first novel and Shattered, the sequel is a bad boy romance both based on my life.<br /> <br /> I love hot action and even hotter women. And I will share with you ALL of my naughty, sordid exploits in my books.

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