Arabella Steedly


Romance Author

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Weekend Swap

Two college couples... A stress-free weekend...
Yellowstone National Park is the setting for these two adventuresome couples to get away to explore nature and each other. Camping out in a secluded area near a pristine lake is the perfect place for their menage.


Renegade Ridge

Saddle up for a wild ride…

Jake is in trouble again… but this time it’s not with the law. His prized mare is injured while barrel racing and needs medical attention fast! He is forced to turn to Dr. Vanessa Hart…
The young, HOT inexperienced veterinarian who is new to town.

When she shows up at the ranch, they get off on the wrong foot… Jake’s PTSD kicks in from his military days, and he gets angry with her.

Jake can’t deny his attraction for the BBW, but he has a shady past. One he is afraid to admit to Vanessa for fear she will label him as a bad boy loser.

Vanessa has come to town for a fresh start…

She keeps to herself but when Jake does her a favor she agrees to go out with him. After their first kiss, Vanessa can’t keep her eyes off him.

She wants more…



Dirty Dusty Durango

Does McCoy strike it rich or not...

McCoy travels to Durango in search for work and hopes to stake a claim on a gold mine. But when he catches the eye of the local school teacher, he has a decision to make. The teacher has a HOT sister, but she's a barmaid... If you were him what would you do?


Security Security

Oh, my God, not another weird text…
I get loads of random messages from my admirers. But this one is strange — bizarre!
When suddenly a guy tries to molest me on the way home from the studio, a hunky stranger comes to my rescue. Now, I want to repay this sexy ex-SEAL for his kindness and hire him as my bodyguard. No misunderstandings, our arrangement should be a professional one.
But can I keep my eyes off him, and stick strictly to business?