Antara Mann


Antara Mann started writing at the age of seven. Nowadays, when she's not reading and writing, you can find her practicing yoga, as she has developed a keen interest in self-improvement, spirituality, and becoming a better human being. She enjoys writing fantasy and paranormal suspense stories and believes in unity in diversity. In her opinion, the best books and stories are crossovers between genres.<br />

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Bound by Sorcery A New Adult Urban Fantasy (The Half-Goddess Chronicles) Preview Sample

Alexandra Shaw may be an elemental mage, but she prefers the quiet life, running her struggling occult bookshop. With secrets of her own and a magical lineage shrouded in mystery, she keeps a low profile. But when a NY banker is found gruesomely murdered with an ancient symbol carved into his chest — one representing a cult of demon hunters long thought extinct — the supernatural community is stunned. Alex reluctantly joins the investigation to keep her shop afloat, but tensions between gods and demons continue to rise and threaten to break into a war.To diffuse the situation, the Magic Council assigns a fiercely powerful and sexy fae to the case. Ancient cults, demons, ritualistic murders, a tempting fae — and as if all that weren't bad enough, now someone’s trying to kill her...