Angel Leya


**Get two free books and an exclusive bonus:**<br /> <br /> Have you ever had a dream you couldn't shake? It got under you skin and followed you through the rest of your day. Maybe it returned the next night, or even years later. That's the story of my writing career.<br /> <br /> Literature has always been an important part of my life, whether as a reader or a writer. I particularly love clean young adult stories with at least a touch (or more) of magic and romance, which also happens to be what I write.<br /> <br /> In addition to the books already published, I'm working on revising Antarctic Discovery, the modern uncovering of the Tower of Babel -- and the man who survived. I'm also revising my original novel, Call Her Forth, a tandem dream romance.<br /> <br /> Between writing and chasing kids, I enjoy doing all things book. You can find out more at:

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Banned, a clean young adult fantasy adventure

I couldn’t let my tribe starve... But a unicorn? Turns out they’re hungry enough to ignore the old warnings, but I can’t live with myself if the curse wipes them out before the famine does. And even if I could, my parents are leaving me no choice. But taking their only source of food won’t sit well with the tribe. The old tribe song rings in my ears: Where do the Banned go when home’s no longer home? I’ve only ever wanted to belong, but I fear protecting those I love will only solidify the feeling that I’m an outsider. A feeling that has haunted me all my life. Somehow, I need to fix this. Banned is the expanded part one of Running Toward Illumia, which first appeared in the young adult anthology, That Moment When.... Start the adventure today!