Alizeh Valentine


Alizeh Valentine is a romance writer who lives in Chicago, Illinois with her husband and 12-year-old son.<br /> In her free time she enjoys running and spending time with her loved ones.

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The Dirty Doctor’s Touch

- Dirk I am a master. An elitist. I am at the top of my field, and I know what I am doing.
Women want me. They worship me. They come to me to fulfill all their needs—all of them.
I can have any one of them I want. But I only want her.
A goddess with a perfect body. So pure, so vulnerable. She takes notice of me, but I obsess over her.
I know how this game is played, and I know she can have her pick of the lot as well. Anyone would be lucky to have her, and everyone knows it.
No matter what, no one else can have her. Everyone wants her, but only I can have her.
I will have her.
I need her.