A.C. Salter


Adrian lives in the Cotswolds, England with his wife and four children.<br /> <br /> Born in Yorkshire, he's spent time living in Essex, Oxford, Leicestershire and York. At 18 he joined the British army and spent 6 years as a soldier in the infantry. His service included several tours of Northern Ireland, Kenya, Belgium, Norway and an operation with the special forces in Sierra Lione.<br /> <br /> When he's not reading or writing he likes to spend time with his wife and family, which include a grumble of 3 pugs. <br /> <br /> To date his books include Eversong, Shadojak and Ethea

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Darkest Wish

Ignor has a head full of bliss, so his Master, Dr Finklesteam, tells him. But during the latest experiment under a particularly oppressing storm, Ignor will learn that not all of his Master's inventions go to plan - especially since he has begun to experiment with the occult. Fiend fingers, fairy wings, god-cycles and bog-sprouts - the only thing missing is the genie trapped in a crystal. Some of the more darker wishes should never come true...