Abby Rose Crimson


Born in New York City, Abby realized his passion for writing at an early age. He originally wanted to be a journalist and cover real stories, until wanting to become an author and make up his own. The Blood of Our Sisters: Prologue would be his first novel and first completed project.

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The Blood of Our Sisters: Prologue

A struggling journalist begins her investigation into the vigilante justice movement known as Perfect World Order — after she secures an exclusive interview with fugitive Hannah McNamara, the leader of the group behind it: The House of Hellcats. Have you ever visited someone’s house? Probably. Have you ever visited someone’s house only to be welcomed with a shotgun in your face? Probably not. Courage is hard, and when five women became courageous, they met fear. Fear wasn’t very nice. Fear changed them. What will they do? Not what you expect. This thrilling and innovative book features a robust layout for an ultra-comprehensive reading experience. And it features the Colors of Feelings, which accurately visualize how characters are feeling with beautiful and color-coated text.