Ashley Hughes


I am a writer, sigher, and pencil-biter...<br /> To get to know me more, I encourage you to check out my Social Media Pages to get more personal content; you can read posts, watch videos and comment on them as they come up live. That's where I really shine. That being said, I don't really like Bios. I feel as if they don't quite define me as a person; so instead, here is a definition of my profession.<br /> <br /> <br /> ​Author: /ˈôTHər/ Noun.​<br /> 1. One who lies to suspend your belief.<br /> 2. Someone who creates, outside of the bounds of science and logic.<br /> 3. One who tells a lie, in order to tell a truth.<br /> <br /> Synonyms: Liar, Writer, Storyteller, Murderer, Celebrity, Starving Artist

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The Loyal: Part One

Don’t change. Don't fight. Don’t die. This message has been beaten into her since childhood. Legends abound with stories of werewolves. Females are rare, but becoming a Lycan wasn’t a matter of choice for Mira. Born as a wolf and cursed with being a woman, Mira and her father struggle for her survival, peace and most of all, freedom. After the disappearance and death of her mother, they flee, in constant fear that they will be forced to join pack life and marry Mira off... or worse. While traveling to Alaska in search of a sanctuary among the rogues of the wilderness, they are attacked, and Mira is left to fend for herself in unknown territory… *** Only contains the first 3 chapters*** Want more? Become an ARC Reader. Contact for info