A. H. Johnstone


A.H. Johnstone wants to live in a world where nobody goes cold or hungry, taken for granted, abused, or without an education.<br /> <br /> For the last six years, she has been a proud supporter of Responsible Charity and volunteered her time by managing their online fundraising platform. Professionally, she’s a freelance editor and proofreader.<br /> <br /> When she’s not writing, editing or helping behind the scenes for Responsible Charity, you can find her playing with her three children, or at various events dressed as a Viking and wielding an axe.<br /> <br /> Her first book Charon Unguarded is scheduled for release in November 2017.

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A young woman in Iceland during the tenth century recounts her passage into slavery and her unlikely path back to freedom... -7.5k short story -Historical fiction (Vikings) -Contains scenes of violence that some readers may find upsetting.